Top Rated MMA

Top Rated MMA needed a site that better communicated their business model with their potential customers. They build their business by being affiliate and ambassador partners with several well known companies in the MMA world. They also donate a portion of their profits to

Their original site had everything linked and ready to go, but it lacked story and a concise message for potential clients to understand that clicking to buy products and services through their site meant customers would be benefiting US Military Veterans. Below highlights their original site and the design and development from Arbor Creative to tell Top Rated MMA’s story and help their potential customers make a buying decision.

The Top Rated MMA Site Before…

Main Page Redesign

Adding stylized graphics and imagery, combined with easy to read and follow text allows Top Rated MMA to communicate their message and brand with their potential customers.

Top Affiliate Product Offerings

Highlighting the top companies Top Rated MMA affiliates with, and a sample of product offerings allows their customers to see what’s available quickly. This also gets the customer interested in what else is available.

A Social Media Friendly Footer

A simple, yet elegant footer menu snapshots the site’s pages and links to them. An Instagram feed that auto updates. Colorful social media icons. A “Connect” button to get in touch.