Our Story

Chris Corey Managing Partner

From an early age, I would spend hours trying to figure out how Hollywood accomplished those amazing visual effects. In high school, I founded the school’s first video production club and later set off to begin my career in film. Since then, I have directed, written and produced several short films and one feature film.

Independent film doesn’t generally pay the bills, so I spent over fifteen years as a senior account executive, mostly in the office equipment industry. The flexibility of my schedule allowed me to pursue film projects and still put food on the table.

While my passion for filmmaking remains, I have found great value in bringing storytelling to companies, businesses and organizations – both small and large. Initially, it was television commercials, branding videos, corporate videos and so on. As my team and I worked with clients to produce great videos, we noticed a common problem. Many of them did not  know how to use their video to its full potential.

Through the realization of that need, we discovered we can take that same philosophy of storytelling to websites and other media. Therefore, web design and development, social media engagement, graphic design and 3D animation became more options we could provide to our customers to increase their visual presence.

At the end of the day, we want what you want. To stand out from the crowd. Our goal with every client is to do just that.

Jennifer Corey Creative Director

From the beginning, I was introduced to the world of storytelling through film. You could say that I learned to appreciate the purpose of a good story and how it could have an impact on the way people feel.

With a strong draw to the creative environment, I went on to become a production manager for a local theatrical comedy show. My experience there led me to become a unit production manager and eventually executive producer for a feature film, where I learned the value of a good cup of coffee. Cups of coffee, to be sure.

Working in film taught me there was a backstory to the people who made it all possible. How true this is for business owners as well.

As our services expanded into corporate productions, we began to see an opportunity to help business owners identify better with their target audience by allowing their unique story to be seen through their websites and marketing platforms.

Your website tells a story that impacts how visitors perceive your company, how they remember you and, ultimately, whether they choose to do business with you.

Custom websites can make all the difference and give companies that competitive edge they so fervently strive for.

At Arbor Creative, LLC, we want to help you develop your company’s story and show you how this can be a very effective way to reach your audience.

Why Choose Us?

All-In-One Marketing Solution

We are a full-service marketing and video production company providing
web design & development, internet marketing solutions and video production
services to help businesses grow.

Customized Service Packages

Our web design and development, marketing campaigns, graphic designs and
video services are completely customizable, which means you only pay for the
services you need.

Cost-Effective Results

We work with clients on projects of various scale, scope and budget with a
keen eye to providing a strong return on investment.

We’re Here to Help.

An Experienced Team

Our creative team is made up of strategists, developers and artists, all working
to craft your message and deliver results for your company.

Marketing Strategists

We can customize a campaign fitting your company’s individual needs,
from natural SEO and content marketing to social media management.

Video Specialists

We specialize in a full-array of video production services, including
commercial productions, corporate productions, CGI graphics, 3D animation,
motion graphics and custom editing services.

The Story Behind Our Story.

Building Long-Term Relationships

We believe in building quality, long-lasting relationships with our clients.
We know full well it is because of you we are able to do what we love
every day.

Your Success is Ours Too

Our reward lies in your success. Nothing makes us happier than to see
your project achieve what it was designed for. When your business grows,
you get to do more of what you love. We like being a part of that.

Sharing Your Story

Every company has a story to tell. Finding out what drives you to build
your company every day allows us to bring that to light for your audience
in a compelling and meaningful way.